Gas heaters PG

During gas pressure regulation, gas temperature drop takes place as a consequence of gas depressurization (Joule-Thompson effect). This rapid temperature drop may cause frosting and even freezing of regulator units, especially of the remote control units controlling the pressure regulators mounted in high pressure regulation stations. In order to maintain trouble-free operation of gas pressure regulating stations, it is necessary to increase gas temperature prior to regulation to assure a gas temperature after regulation within +5 to +10°C. One of the most commonly used methods of natural gas heating in pressure regulating stations is application of heat exchangers, with hot fluid used as the heating medium.

Inlet (design) gas pressure: standard – PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100 Heating medium:
  • water (glycol solution)
  • design pressure of the heating section: standard: PN6, PN63, PN100
  • inlet temperature: +90°C,
  • outlet temperature: +70°C.

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