Giersch universal oil burner

The universal oil burner by Giersch is, as the name says, a multi-fuel burner suitable for many different oil types e.g.vegetable, animal and mineral oils. No conversion required. Thanks to compressed air atomisation technology. A small oil pump is used to feed oil into the burner tank.

A float switch keeps the oil at the correct level inside the tank. An electric oil heater is integrated in the burner tank. An adjustable thermostat sets the correct oil temperature, e.g. 140C for vegetable oil or 100C for mineral oils. The universal oil burners are connected to an external compressed air system.

Compressed air passes through the compressed-air atomising nozzle, draws in the oil from the burner tank by the Venturi principle and atomises it into microscopically small droplets. Depending on capacity,the burner is fitted with one, two or three oil nozzles. The combustion air is comprised of compressed air as primary air and blower air as secondary air. The finely atomised oil mist mixes with the blower at the baffleplate air and combusts. The blower air flow is set manually at the air damper.

If the required oil type is unavailable at any time, then regular grade EL heating oil can be used. Just switchover the air supply and turn the tank heater thermostat to the ‘heating off setting.

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