Bentone BG300 (60 - 190) kW gas burner

Available in versions up to 190 kW and in 1-stage, 2-stage or modulating. Can be obtained for all types of gas and mounted on guide bars. Slow opening solenoid valve. Gas connection left or right. Recommended for over- and under-pressure boilers. Design for easy maintenance. Energy saving. Also available in biogas versions. Biogas will affect the output and the components of the burner. Please contact for more information about biogas operation.

  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements
  • Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance
  • Reliable and trouble free
  • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 676
  • 1-stage, 2-stage or modulating
  • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation
  • Two valves, slow opening
  • Hinged flange
  • Gas connection left or right
  • Available for natural gas, LPG, town gas, biogas
  • When biogas gas is used, Bentone shall always be contacted

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