Quality policy

“Ardega, UAB” started its activities in 1999. Our business area is trade in high, medium and low pressure gas pipelines, boiler houses, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. The company employs experienced specialists who can help clients to choose the best product for their needs and provide advice on all issues related to heating, ventilation systems, equipment installation and operation.

The main objectives of “Ardega, UAB” are:

  • to increase the company’s value and competitiveness by continuously improving all the company’s management and operational processes;
  • to take customers expectations into account and meet their needs as closely as possible.
“Ardega, UAB” undertakes:
  • to maintain and continuously improve the quality management system according to the requirements of the standard LST EN ISO 9001:2015, to analyze and improve the efficiency of the quality management system;
  • to analyze customer needs and provide rational solutions for their implementation;
  • to seek mutually beneficial cooperation, both with the suppliers and with the customers;
  • to ensure that the employees have appropriate skills and continuously improve their qualification;
  • to work towards establishing a working environment in which every employee is responsible for his actions, knows and understands the quality policy;
  • to allocate all the resources necessary for the effective functioning of the quality management system.

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