Bentone B65 24,0-99,0 kg/h (285-1174 kW) oil burner

Available in versions up to 99 kg/h and in 2-stage and 3-stage versions. Optional hydraulic adjustment of the nozzle assembly. Quiet in operation. A soft pulsation free start. Wide adjustment range, high efficiency with constant combustion values. Energy saving. Burners marked * is also available for RME oil.

  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy regulation and maintenance
  • Reliable and trouble free
  • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 267
  • Suitable for High Resistance Boilers
  • 2 or 3-stage
  • Industry standard components easily available
  • Available with hydraulic air adjustment or airdamper motor
  • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation

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