Cosmogas Aguadens

With AGUAdens Cosmogas sets a new standard in condensing technologies.
A newly designed water heater to satisfy the requirements of instantaneous production of domestic hot water for houses, offices, sports facilities, shopping centres and large-sized spaces in general, with the need to save on energy, as well as the desire for comfort, ease of use, reliability and low impact on the environment.
Just 30.5 cm (48.5 for AGUAdens 37) enclose the power of AGUAdens 16, 22 and 37 in a smart and refined design that fits into any environment.
The compact size and lightness of AGUAdens simplify installation. A great deal of attention has been paid to the final user, with simple and intuitive commands and easy maintenance, thanks to the water heater’s front panel.
AGUAdens is available in a full range of models with 16, 22 and 37 litre capacities and respectively with 27.5kW, 34.6kW and 61.9kW outputs.
With AGUAdens, Cosmogas starts a design revolution which establishes a new course marked by energy saving and respect for the environment.
A fine example is the lack of welding which improves reliability and reduces the use of primary power required in the production process, in line with the standards of ecological design that calls for the recycling of individual homogeneous materials.

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